The best 58 soft launch mobile games for iPhone, iPad or Android

The best 58 soft launch mobile games for iPhone, iPad or Android

Sometimes developers like to make sure the paying public are willing to play their game before they push it to every device in the world. And thus, we find ourselves with soft launch games.

Available in just a handful of countries and regions, a soft-launched game is subject to drastic change as developers take on board customer feedback (and other metrics) to alter the game and ensure the best possible product is ready for when it goes to worldwide launch.

But here’s the kicker – we can see when developers do that. And when you’re looking at some of the big games, like the ones we have on this list, then you can find yourself getting very excited, and even a little jealous that you can’t play it yet.

So to help you out a little, we’ve collected up a huge list of some of the biggest and best games currently available in soft launch, which you might well be able to get if you have the right Apple ID or Google Play account to download it with.

As mentioned above, these games are likely to change massively throughout their soft launch periods, and it’s nigh-on impossible to keep up with their development for months at a time. Some of our info might therefore only be accurate at the time of writing – sorry about that! Do let us know in the comments and we’ll work to get it fixed!

And if a game suddenly disappears, it might be because the developer has decided to stop development on it early and save themselves the cost of a big launch, or because the developer is gearing up for a big launch and wants to surprise the world. Whatever the case, we’ll try and keep you updated when these things happen.

Whet your appetite enough yet? Dig into the list of games below and find out what you could be playing later this year, or right now if you’ve got the right account.

Do you remember back in 2016, when Epic Games announced that they were collaborating with J.J. Abrams on a new game? Well, that game was Spyjink – an action-strategy game based around quick, vs multiplayer matches filled with gadgets and other spy tools.

There’s not much information out there at the moment about Spyjinx, but we’ll make sure to keep you up to speed as we learn more.

After being appointed as the city’s new Blade Runner it’s up to you to track down replicants and solve uncertainties surrounding your targets. When it comes to combat, figure out your best move through turn-based battles and shows off special moves. Ultimately it’s up to you whether they live or die.

Collect your favourite character, visit familiar locations, and power up your crew to face bigger, badder targets.

Battle of Light (or the translated equivalent) is a new 3D MMORPG with a 360 degree freedom perspective and some pretty nifty-looking graphics. In it, you’ll find a dynamic combat system, real-time Raids, and a generally classic mobile gaming/social experience.

If you’re after a game that’s kind-of like Bomberman but with cute animals instead, you’ll want to check out Battle Bombers Arena.

Put a stop to those dastardly eco-villains and save the world from their pollution. Go on an epic adventure by harnessing the power of the original Planeteers to battle enemies, summon Captain Planet, and clean up the world for good.

You might recognise the name and you wouldn’t be crazy for doing so. We’ve seen Card Smash here before and, though it dropped off the radar for a little bit, it’s back with all its action-packed card-battling. Take a look.

Take another dip into the rich DC universe to pit Super Heroes again Super Villains (or the other way around, if you fancy it) in the fight for domination. Save the world or work against the good guys to tear it down, and create your favourite super squad to do it.

It’s been a while, but some of you might remember Contra. Together with Konami and Tencent (Timi), the classic sequel is slowly rolling out on mobile.

Challenge yourself in intense PvP battles, pick your fighters, and stand side-by-side with the legends themselves, Bill and Lance.

10 Kitty Catsanova

  • Publisher: Kongregate
  • Platform: iOS/Android
  • Country: Philippines

Cuddle up and sweet-talk your way to glory in this unusual kitty-dating sim. Work jobs to earn money, spend said money on gifts for your gold-digging kitty interests, and balance your time accordingly. It’s not ‘one size fits all’ however, each cat has a unique purrsonality, so pay attention.

11 Otherworld Heroes

  • Publisher: Bublar
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: Closed Beta (sign up here)

Otherworld Heroes is a location-based, AR-equipped, MMORPG that has you setting out on an epic quest through the Otherworlds, a magical realm which exists parallel to our own.

Create your character, craft your weapons, and head out into the world to meet new friends and defeat ugly creatures with one-thumb gameplay. You can join up with your mates to help bring peace to the world, and level up your skills to make sure no monster strikes you down on your quest.

12 Extraordinary Ones

  • Publisher: HK Hero Entertainment Co.
  • Platform: iOS
  • Country: Philippines

Extraordinary one is an impressive looking 5VS5 MOBA which already features over 60 heroes and an infrastructure for inter-regional tournaments. It features an interesting background setting of being a school for superheroes, justifying the interlinked backgrounds of the characters and their quirky abilities.

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